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Dedicated Loading Bays & How They Can Help With Warehousing

Dedicated Loading Bays & How They Can Help With Warehousing

Quicker Loading & Unloading

Usually for dedicated loading and unloading bays, the more bays available, the faster loading and unloading can be done as more containers can be parked directly at the dedicated bays to do loading & unloading at the same time.

Direct Loading & Unloading from Container

With the presence of dedicated bays, loading and unloading can be done directly into or from the container as the container is levelled with the warehouse by using the dock levellers, if there are. By having these, the amount of time spent on loading or unloading can be reduced as compared to traditional loading and unloading.

Better Efficiency

When the container is levelled with the warehouse, loading and unloading can be done so much quicker as forklifts or stackers may be able to go directly into the container without the need for pallet jacks.

Dedicated Bays Usually Only for Huge Warehouses

Although dedicated loading and unloading bays can help with warehouse efficiency, they can usually only be found in huge warehouses but not for smaller industrial spaces. For smaller industrial spaces, there are sometimes common loading and unloading bays which are shared among the tenants or owners.

Usually Found in Warehouses Not Factories

Although dedicated loading & unloading bays may useful for loading and unloading, they are also usually only found in warehouses.

Most factories are usually not built with dedicated bays as factories are usually built for production or manufacturing purposes where other specifications may be more important. Such important specifications may be incoming power supply, ventilation, floor trap or water point which are sometimes the basic requirements to carry out manufacturing or production but this would still depend on how your business or company operates.

For warehousing, loading and unloading speed may be crucial due to frequent movement of goods which is why dedicated bays are sometimes a requirement for distributors or logistics companies.

After all, a factory is mainly used for production while a warehouse is mainly for warehousing or logistics purposes.