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Why Tuas South will be a Strategic Location In The Near Future

Why Tuas South will be a Strategic Location In The Near Future

You may have read that the mega port in Tuas is set to be consolidated at Tuas in the near future. While Tuas itself has various areas, let’s find out why Tuas South will be a strategic location to be at in the near future.

Tuas Mega Port Opening In Phases

The Tuas Mega Port is set to open in various phases from year 2021 onwards.

If you were to look closely or do a search on the location of the mega port, you will realise that it is located near Tuas South areas.

While it may not seem like a strategic location yet, you may realise that the mega port is just around the Tuas South area.

Hence, it may make sense to have first mover advantage by having your industrial space at Tuas before more companies shift in.

Furthermore, if your company is looking to save cost for your business, you may want to also consider having your warehouse or factory in Tuas.

Port Operations To Be Consolidated in Tuas

The berths which would commence operations in 2021 will operate along with the terminals currently located at Keppel, Brani and Pasir Panjang Terminals which will be shutting down in stages when the tenancy expires.

Consolidated Port in Tuas will Help Increase Total Handling Capacity

When fully completed, the mega port will be able to handle up to around sixty five million twenty footer equivalent units on a yearly basis which will enable Singapore to meet future demands and maintain Singapore’s competitive advantage. When fully completed, the goal is to have the largest container terminal in one single location. At the same time, the Tuas mega port will also be adopting automation for better efficiency as well as productivity.

Connectivity to Tuas

With the completion of the Tuas viaduct as well as the Tuas West Extension MRT, travelling time to Tuas via public transport has also been reduced, making it easier for commuters.

The Jurong Region Line, when completed in the near future, will also further enhance connectivity to the West via public transport.