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Tuas Mega Port to Start Operations from 2021

Tuas Mega Port to Start Operations from 2021

With the limelight on Singapore’s port of the West, the Tuas Mega Port is set to start its 1st phase of operations very soon in year 2021.

First Phase Completing Soon in 2021

In year 2021, there will be 2 berths operating in Tuas for a start and will be operating together with existing terminals which will progressively stop operations when their tenancies expire and are consolidated in Tuas from year 2027.

Tuas Mega Port When Fully Completed

Eventually in around year 2040, the Tuas Mega Port will be fully completed. The fully completed Tuas mega port will be able to handle approximately sixty five million twenty footer equivalent or TEUs annually which is more than the current capacity of the various terminals combined.

Largest Terminal in a Single Area

When fully completed, the Tuas Mega Port will be possibly the world’s largest terminal in a single area to cater for demands of the future and to maintain Singapore’s competitive advantage in the market.


As time have changed, technology has also improved tremendously over the years. For the Tuas Mega Port, there are also certain plans to adopt more automation, smart systems, and newer technologies in order to keep operations lean and efficient.

For instance, there have been plans to have driverless vehicles such as trucks and cranes with no operator or driver required when moving around the port.

Managing the waters of the Tuas Mega Port will be also done by adopting newer systems such as systems which can identify the best routes for vessels to arrive safely and efficiently at the berths without causing jams.

By adopting automation and newer technologies, safety, security and productivity can also be improved at the same time.

Why Tuas

Tuas was identified because of the depth of the waters and its location as it is strategically located close to industrial spaces as well as international shipping routes.

Also, consolidating container activities in just one location will help enhance efficiency as transportation of containers between terminals will not be required in future. This will also help to reduce traffic jams, time spent for inter-terminal transportation as well as help to lower overall expenditure for port operations.

The move to Tuas will also free up space for the development of the GSW or the Greater Southern Waterfront which seems to be an exciting new project which is also in the pipeline and many are looking forward to as it is in a prime location.

The Tuas Mega Port is also able to allow large vessels as the port will have long berths and deep waters. This will allow huge vessels which can be more than certain lengths to come in.

The Tuas mega port will also have cranes with better reach to cater to larger vessels which are coming into the port.

Some companies have also already started moving their warehouse or factory operations to Tuas in order to enjoy the first mover advantage.