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Advantages of Being in Certain Tuas Developments

Advantages of Being in Certain Tuas Developments

There are various industrial areas in Singapore and there is also Tuas which is in the western region of Singapore where many industrialists are located at and there are also some that will have to move to Tuas in the near future.

Let’s have a closer look at some of the advantages of deciding to be in the Tuas.

Attractive Rental Rates

By choosing to be in Tuas, rental rates tend to be more attractive as compared to areas closer to the central region. Depending on the specifications required, rental rates may vary but are usually under two dollars in terms of per square feet rate. The rates would also depend very much on the specifications of the premises.

Parking May Not Be Chargeable

In terms of parking rates, certain developments in Tuas may not require you to pay for monthly parking fees. This can mean cost savings for your company especially if your company has a number of vehicles coming in and out frequently.

Ramp Up with Wider Driveways

When it comes to vehicle accessibly, certain Tuas developments also come with ramps and wider driveways for easier vehicle accessibility and also loading or unloading. This may also mean saving time or resources due to the convenience as you may stop the vehicle directly outside your premises.

Close Proximity to Tuas Mega Port

As we all know, the ports will sooner or later be consolidated and moved to Tuas South. Hence, it may be a strategic location to be in especially if your company deals with lots of imports and exports or if most of your customers are already in Tuas or will be in Tuas pretty soon.

While moving may require a change, it is important to weigh the costs and benefits especially when we know that the ports will sooner or later be consolidated in Tuas mega port as already announced previously. You may consider this option and if it makes business sense for you and your company in the long run.