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Various Types of Cargo Containers You May Find for Transporting of Goods

Various Types of Cargo Containers You May Find for Transporting of Goods

As we know there are various types of cargo containers available in the market.

20 and 40 feet containers tend to usually be the more popular choices among the available types of containers most of the time.

There are also container types such as 10 feet and 45 feet that you may find but these are usually not as common as 20 and 40 footer containers which are usually seen at industrial buildings such as warehouses or factories.

Here are some examples of some of the containers that you may find for transportation of goods :

General Purpose (GP) Containers

General purpose containers are sometimes also known as GP containers.

General purpose containers are usually used for transporting general cargo or goods with no specific storage requirements.

Hi-Cube (HC) Containers

High-cube containers are similar to standard containers, but are close to a feet taller in terms of height and are usually also used for transporting general cargo. High-cube containers may be suitable for cargo or goods that do not fit general purpose containers due to the lower height restrictions.

Reefer Containers

Reefer containers or sometimes known as refrigerated containers are usually equipped with a cooling unit so that goods can be kept at a specific temperature during storage or transportation. reefer containers are suitable for products that need to be stored at a certain temperature. Examples of such goods are frozen food which may turn bad if the storage conditions are not ideal.

Open Top Container

Open top containers are like large boxes and are sometimes used for construction materials or landscaping materials. Open top containers may be suitable for cargo or products that cannot be loaded through the general purpose container doors.

Flat Rack Container

Flat rack containers are suitable for the transporting vehicles and machines.

Customised Containers

Besides these containers, there are also customised containers that are sometimes used as temporary offices, temporary washrooms, temporary shops etc

Customised containers can sometimes also be modified to meet specific requirements such as installation of air-conditioning units, lightings etc