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Why It Is Important to Maintain & Service Your Fire Extinguishers

Why it is Important to Maintain & Service Your Fire Extinguishers

As we know, it is important to have fire extinguishers within industrial, commercial and even residential properties. This is so that if there is a case of emergency, the fire extinguishers can help to extinguish the fire or minimise the potential damage it can cause.

Saving Precious Lives

However, despite the importance and how these simple equipment can help save lives, not everyone understand the importance and necessity of regular maintenance of fire extinguishers.

What If They Don’t Work

While it may seem like a small thing, it will not be a pleasant situation to see that the fire extinguishers fail to work during an emergency or in a situation when you need it most.

Upon realisation, it may well already be too late to regret as things have probably already have happened.

Requirement by Authority

Maintaining your fire extinguisher is also a requirement by the authorities. However, ensuring that these fire safety equipment work whenever they are needed is probably of utmost importance.

Regular Servicing Helps Prolong the Life Span

Other than servicing your fire extinguishers so that they will work when you need them, fire extinguishers which are properly serviced and maintained well also tend to have longer lifespans.

With regular servicing and maintenance, fire extinguishers can last for years before they require replacement. Some fire extinguisher suppliers in Singapore also provide maintenance services. These companies may be able to help to inspect and maintain fire extinguishers which they have supplied to you previously.

After servicing, the fire extinguishers which have been serviced should also indicate the dates when the servicing and inspection were done.

Besides that, your company would also be more likely to be able to make the insurance claim without issues.