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Why Having Dormitories Nearby May Benefit Your Business

Why Having Dormitories Nearby May Benefit Your Business

In Singapore, employers are to ensure that foreign workers working in Singapore live in proper housing. When choosing the location of your industrial space such as a factory or a warehouse, your company may also want to consider if there are foreign workers dormitories close by. There may also be benefits if your company were to choose a location with dormitories nearby.

Quicker Travelling Time to Work

By choosing industrial spaces such as warehouses or factories which are located closer to dormitories, travelling time to and from work for foreign workers may be reduced. This can mean shorter travelling distance and less time taken to travel to and from work which may be more comfortable for these staff.

Convenience for Staff

Having dormitories closer to your factory can also mean added convenience for these staff since accommodation is just around the area, making travelling to and from the workplace so much easier especially after a hard day’s work.

More Potential Candidates

Also, since accommodation is just near the workplace, it may be more likely that more potential foreign worker candidates would be interested to work for your company since travelling to and from work is easy and convenient. Hiring of new foreign workers may also be easier especially if you are looking to expand your business and require more manpower.

There is also a list of licensed foreign worker dormitories available on the ministry of manpower or MOM website which your company may refer to for more details and information.