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Why Fitted Industrial Units Are Not That Common

Why Fitted Industrial Units Are Not That Common

There are various types of warehouses, factories or business parks in Singapore. 

If you notice, most industrial units are usually in original bare condition with just walls, pillar, door, roller shutter, windows, sprinklers, fire extinguisher etc and we seldom see many fitted industrial spaces available around.

Let’s find out why fitted units are usually harder to come by.

Various Industries

There are many different types of businesses or trades around in Singapore. For example, a software design company and a company involved in manufacturing of products. We know that in this case, most probably a fitted unit for a software company would not fit a company involved in manufacturing of certain products.

Various Ways of Operations

As we know, various companies sell different products, manufacture different products and have various ways of operating. Because of these reasons, requirements of companies tend to vary and not all companies work or operate in the same ways.

Staff Arrangements May Vary

Also, not all companies have the same arrangements in terms of staff. Certain industries may have more staff while some online businesses may require less staff to operate.

Some Companies May Have Their Own Corporate Designs or Colours

Some companies prefer to maintain a certain standard in terms of corporate image or branding and may prefer to have their own corporate designs or image within their unit. Some companies also prefer to have similar designs to their headquarters.

Company Preference

Some companies prefer to have a open concept while some prefer a partitioned office. Every company will have their own preferences in terms of renovation for their unit just like how each one of us have our own preferences it comes to our home renovation.

Most Landlords Prefer Not to Limit Their Opportunities

Naturally, with variations in terms of business operations and preferences, most landlords prefer to have their unit in original bare condition when the unit is returned to them. This is so that their opportunities of renting out the unit to the next tenant will not be limited due to the fittings left behind by the past tenant. For this reason, fitted units are usually not that common and may not be that readily available.