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Why Fire Sprinklers Can Be Important

Why Fire Sprinklers Can Be Important

A fire sprinkler system is a system which releases water from sprinklers which are usually automatically activated when a rise in temperature is detected. These systems can commonly be found in commercial and industrial spaces such as offices, warehouses or factories. Sprinkler systems are also widely used around the world as a form of fire protection.

When a fire starts in a factory or warehouse leading to a rise in temperature, sprinklers are usually activated one sprinkler at a time.

Smaller fires usually require just a few sprinklers to extinguish and sprinklers are usually not triggered all at the same time.

Discharge rate and response time index or RTI of various types of sprinklers may vary.

How Sprinklers Can Help Save Lives

It is important that companies ensure that proper fire protection systems and sprinklers are in place. Employees are also important assets to companies and when lives are well protected with proper fire protection systems in place, companies can have a better peace of mind if any fire were to occur in unexpected situations.

Is There a Need to Install Sprinklers

Most of the time in Singapore, commercial and industrial spaces come with sprinklers already installed as it is one of the basic requirements by the authorities such as the Singapore Civil Defence Force or the SCDF.

Relocating Your Sprinklers. Is it Necessary

For most industrial spaces, sprinklers are usually already installed on the ceilings. If your company has intentions to have false ceilings, you may be required to relocate or shift the sprinklers down so that if a fire breaks out in that area, the sprinkler systems can cover those areas with false ceilings. Sprinklers should be spaced properly and installed in specific locations located away from obstructions.

Other Fire Protection Measures

There are also various other fire protection measures such as fire extinguishers, hose reels, emergency exit lights, fire alarm systems, fire evacuation plans, dry risers, fire hydrant, fire rated doors, fire rated roller shutters, etc.

How Can These Systems Help Businesses

Besides just protecting lives and putting out fires, these systems also help to ensure that your insurance claims are valid and policies are not void. Unexpected situations may occur any time and these fire protection systems in place may just be our lifeline.