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Why are Forklifts Sometimes Not Advisable in Cargo Lifts

Why are Forklifts Sometimes Not Advisable in Cargo Lifts

As we know, forklifts are material handling equipment which can help with loading and unloading of goods. 

While it may seem like a good idea to drive the forklift into the cargo lifts for easy loading and unloading, there are also other alternative ways which you may consider for loading and unloading of your goods or products depending on the type of industrial space your business or company is operating from.

Cargo Lift May be Damaged

While in the process of loading and unloading using forklifts, the cargo lifts or service lifts may damaged due to the limited width of the cargo lift. Also as forklifts can be heavy, it may also damage  the cargo lifts over time due to the weight of the forklift and the goods.

Lifts are Common / Shared Property

Cargo lifts are also considered common or shared property. If any of the cargo or service lift happens to be damaged or not in working condition, other users may not be able to use the cargo lift for loading and unloading of their goods. This can affect their business adversely as they are unable to load or unload their goods and may also not be able to deliver their goods or products on time.

Lift Loading

Usually for cargo lifts, the lift loading will be indicated on the lift itself. Forklifts can be quite heavy and the lifts may be damaged over time especially if the weight of the forklift and goods exceed the maximum allowable lift loading.

How to Solve the Loading & Unloading Problem

In order to reduce the time required for loading & unloading or for easier loading & unloading, you may consider ramp up or ground floor warehouse or factory units which will enable you to either ramp up and drive directly to the front of the unit if it is a ramp up unit or drive directly to the the unit without having to access the ramp if it is a ground floor unit. There are also differences between ground floor and ramp up units as well as differences between flatted and ramp up units.