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Terrace Factories : An Interesting Concept Worth Considering

Terrace Factories; An Interesting Concept Worth Considering

We usually see flatted or ramp up factories around in Singapore and in various locations.

However, besides flatted and ramp up factories, there are also double or triple storey terrace factories available in the market.

Why Consider Terrace Factories

Just like townhouses or landed properties, terrace factories are unique and stand out from the crowd. Particularly if you are looking to operate from a contemporary and modern-looking type of industrial space where corporate image is on the top of your checklist, terrace factories may be for you.

A terrace factory could also be an all-in-one work, showcase and factory area where every part of your business comes together and occupy just one single location. By putting all departments into one space, you may be saving travelling time. Communication between departments also becomes so much easier. You may even consider taking up side by side terrace factory units should your business require more space but this would also depend on the availability of such units which could be amalgamated.

How Can You Use The Upper Levels

There are many ways and configurations which may work depending on your business and its operations. The first level could be for your warehouse and showcase of products, second level could be for manufacturing and quality control and third level could be for office.

Which Kind of Trades Can Consider Such Spaces

There are also many types of businesses and industries that can consider such type of industrial space. As it is a unique and new concept to some, it may take some time to get used to such types of factories. Some examples of businesses would be household products, printing businesses, design related businesses or even any other businesses that can fit into such configurations. The type of suitable trade would also depend whether it is a b1 or b2 industrial terrace factory. There are also successful cases with terrace factories are used as childcare centres but such cases would be subject to change of use by the relevant authorities.

What Are Unique Features Are There for Terrace Factories in Singapore

Various types of terrace factories may vary in terms of design and specifications. Some may have a private loading and unloading area while other newer developments may even have facilities such as swimming pool, sky pavilions, sky garden. Some terrace factories may also come with private lift while others may come with hoist cranes for accessing the upper levels or for loading and unloading of goods. Terrace factories sometimes also have higher ceiling height than usual.

Where Are These Terrace Factories Located

There are terrace factories with various specifications in various locations around Singapore and there are just too many to name. However, if you are looking for newer terrace factories with condo-like facilities, you can find them in the North. Contact us and we will be glad to share more with you and how your business can fit into the space of these 3 storey terrace factory units.