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Shortcuts to Taking Indicative Measurements During Property Viewings

Shortcuts to Taking Indicative Measurements During Property Viewings

If you have recently upgraded your iPhone Operating System to iOS 12.0 for Apple users or if you have downloaded the ‘Measure – Quick Everyday Measurements’ app by Google LLC on Google Play Store for Android users, you probably would have discovered these shortcuts which can possibly help you to take indicative measurements during your property viewings or for any other day-to-day measurements whenever you do not have any other measuring devices on hand.

How to Download the Mobile Applications

For Apple users, the ‘Measure’ App is by default installed into your phone if you were to upgrade your iOS to the 12.0 version. If you have not upgraded to the latest iOS, simply go to ‘Settings’, click on ‘General’ followed by ‘Software Update’. Once you are there, you may check and update your iOS if it is not already updated. Be sure to connect to a Wi-Fi connection before updating as the update may use quite a bit of your mobile data especially if you have not done a software update for a long time.

As for Android users, you could download the app easily on Google Play Store. Simply search for the ‘Measure – Quick Everyday Measurements’ App on Google Play Store and click on ‘install’. 

How These Applications Can Help

These mobile applications would be able identify certain objects and take the indicative measurements of them. While it may not be as accurate as measuring tapes or laser measurement devices, it will certainly help you in your space planning for any type of properties be it industrial, commercial or residential. Your job would be to try as best as possible to select the right points on your screen so that the indicative measurements can be more accurate.

For example, if you need to take indicative measurements of a machine, an office desk or a sofa set, you may use these applications which can possibly help you by giving you indicative measurements of the items. For Android users, you can also change the units of measurement to either metres/centimetres (m/cm) or feet/inches (ft/in).

It may take some time for new users to figure out but once you get a hang of it, these mobile applications can be useful not only for property viewings but also for your day-to-day activities.

Before the applications are able to take any measurements, you will need to move your phone around so that the application will be able to identify surfaces. Once done, you will be able to select the right points to help you to obtain the indicative measurements. For Apple users with the Measure app, you can also test the levels of surfaces to see if the surfaces of objects are level or not.