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Relocation of Internet Plan & How It May Be Possible

Relocation of Internet Plan & How It May Be Possible

May Not Need to Terminate Existing Contract

As we know, whenever we relocate to a new premises or industrial space, relocation of internet may be required. If your company has signed a contract with an internet service provider and if the plan has not expired, you may want to enquire with your current service provider if it will be possible to relocate to your new location so that you may continue the contract without having to terminate the contract before it expires.

Relocate To New Address

Relocation to your new factory or warehouse may help your company to avoid paying any penalty or charges for early termination as you will still be fulfilling the entire term of the contract. By relocating instead of terminating, your company can also save the trouble of having to source for a new internet plan or service provider.

Fees May Apply

Although certain type of fees may apply for relocation, it may still be more worthwhile to continue the internet contract until it expires rather than terminate the contract prematurely unless your internet plan is expiring quite soon. However, it is always advisable to do your sums before deciding whether to relocate or terminate the internet contract.