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Reinstatement and Why It Is Usually Necessary

Reinstatement and Why It Is Usually Necessary

As we know, fitting out and reinstatement is just quite a usual thing when it comes to commercial and industrial properties.

If you or your company may be wondering why reinstatement is necessary, this may be helpful.

Back to Original Condition

As your lease expires and if your company is no longer planning to occupy the fitted industrial unit due to various reasons, it is only fair that the warehouse or factory is reinstated to original bare condition which is the same condition as during the initial handover of the unit when taking over of the keys was done.

Different Trade, Different Requirements

There are really many many different types of trades and companies in the market and for different trades, requirements tend to differ. There are just too many trades to even name and even if we are talking about the same trade, different companies tend to operate differently, have different directions or different preferences somehow.

Hence, reinstatement is usually necessary as the next tenant is likely to have different requirements in terms of renovation or fitting out.

Also, everybody has different preferences which can mean that the existing condition where the renovation or fitting out has already done may not be what the next tenant likes or prefers to have.

Sourcing for the Next Tenant

After all, the landlord has to source for the next tenant and if the warehouse or factory is not reinstated to original condition, the landlord may just be limiting themselves to a much smaller pool of potential tenants which may not be the wisest thing to do and not the best situation to be in especially if the landlord is serious about looking for the next tenant to occupy the industrial space.