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Industrial Units with Mezzanine & How You Can Use it to Your Advantage

Industrial Units with Mezzanine & How You Can Use it to Your Advantage

As we know, some industrial units come with mezzanine. For such units that come with mezzanine, you can always make the most of the space that you have.

Here are some examples which you may consider to help maximise the space within your warehouse or factory which comes with mezzanine :

Racking Systems

Having approved racking systems is usually a fantastic way to maximise the space or high ceiling that you have within your unit. For instance, you could have multiple layers (3 or 4 levels) for your racking system. Such racking systems will enable you to store more products instead of having just products stacked up. The higher the ceiling, the more layers of racking you can consider having for your unit. For example, if your unit has 8 or 6 metres ceiling, you can even consider having 4 or more layers of racking if the floor loading permits.

Stacking Up

Even if you do not plan to do racking systems, you may still stack up your pallets or products to maximise the space that you have as long as the floor loading allows. You may also consider investing in forklifts or stackers to help you with the stacking up process.

Corporate Image

Just like penthouses with high ceiling, industrial units with mezzanine tend to have high ceiling. When renovated and designed, high ceiling units tend to make the unit feel more spacious and grand giving your company a better corporate image and impression especially if you have clients or guests visiting on a regular basis.