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Industrial Canteens & How They Have Changed Over The Years

Industrial Canteens & How They Have Changed Over The Years

In the past, staff canteens located in industrial buildings were only able to serve staff working within the same development. In order to increase the food options within industrial estates, the authorities will now allow industrial canteens within industrial buildings to serve not only the workers working in the same building as the canteen but also customers who are not working in the building. 

Canteens serving mainly workers in the industrial area are also known as “industrial canteens”.

The following conditions are applicable for new industrial canteens :

  • Size of new industrial canteen will be capped at 700 square metres or five percent of the total GFA or Gross Floor Area per development (whichever lower)
  • For development charge (DC) or differential premium (DP), industrial canteen will be levied industrial “D” rates
  • Industrial canteens will be approved based on a Temporary Permission or TP basis for up to three years

What to look out for if you are looking to operate an industrial canteen

Before commencing operations of an industrial canteen, it is advisable to check and ensure that the necessary approvals have been obtained from the relevant authorities to operate as an industrial canteen. Change of use may sometimes be applicable depending on the approved use of the premises.