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Future of Woodlands

Future of Woodlands

As we know, Woodlands is set to transform in the near future. In time to come, Woodlands will also be a regional centre of the North.

With so much to look forward to, residents and commuters can expect better connectivity and exciting new developments in the area very soon.

Thomson East Coast Line

With the new forty three kilometre line, thirty two new stations will be added. The new Thomson East Coast Line or TEL is set to open in stages starting from year 2020. Three stations namely Woodlands, Woodlands North and Woodlands South will be opened around January 2020.

The other stations will also progressively be opened in various stages and will help enhance connectivity to and from the northern region of Singapore.

Furthermore, the underground Thomson East Coast Line will also be linked to other MRT lines. There will be eight interchange stations along the Thomson East Coast Line or the brown line.

Exciting New Developments

With the upcoming Woodlands regional centre, Singaporeans can expect more developments in the area.

As part of the decentralisation plans, Woodlands will consist of a mix of office, retail as well as residential spaces in the near future.

Also, in the industrial space segment, there were several sites sold through government land sales earlier this year in 2019. The recent ones in Woodlands and Sembawang area awarded are at Woodlands Avenue 12, Woodlands Industrial Park as well as Gambas Way.

North South Corridor

The North South Corridor will be a 21.5 kilometre expressway with cycling paths and lanes catered for buses. Works are underway and are set to be completed some time in year 2026.

The North South Corridor or the NSC will also help reduce travelling time by up to about half an hour.

Rapid Transit System

The cross border RTS or Rapid Transit System was previously planned to start servicing cross border commuters by year 2024. However, an extension request was made and more time will likely be needed.


Also in Woodlands, a new hospital or Woodlands Health Campus is slated to open in stages from around year 2022.

The hospital will have a facility of around one thousand eight hundred beds.

The opening of Woodlands Health Campus is following the opening of Sengkang General Hospital which announced its official opening earlier this year in 2019.

With the country’s ageing population, these additions will be great for Singapore’s healthcare scene.

With all these up and coming, more job opportunities, amenities as well as recreational activities will be available closer to homes in the near future.