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Factory Notification or Registration, Is It Necessary?

Factory Notification or Registration, Is It Necessary?

You may be wondering if factory notification or registration is necessary in Singapore. Let’s see if it is necessary.

Notification / Registration Requirement for Factory Spaces

If your place of work is considered a factory under the workplace safety and health (WSH) act, notification or registration of the premises with the ministry of manpower will be required. You may note that there are also additional requirements for registration of factory depending on whether your business is classified under Group A, B or C.

Examples of places of work that are deemed as factory may be factory spaces used for construction, manufacturing, vehicle repair etc. You may visit Ministry of Manpower’s (MOM) website to check out what is defined as a factory so as to be sure.

High Risk or Low Risk Activities

Depending on whether your factory engages in high risk or low risk activities, your company will either have to register and obtain a certificate or to notify to declare activities being carried out at the factory.

Factories Not Required to Register or Notify

Construction worksites and places of work with very low risk need not register or notify.

There are also other requirements to be met before registering or notifying such as Medisave requirements, requirement to engage Licensed Electrical Worker (LEW), hygiene and medical monitoring requirements etc.

For more details, you may always refer to the Ministry of Manpower’s website.