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EMA Licence & When It is Required

EMA Licence & When It is Required

You may sometimes come across a situation whereby you may require EMA Licence before your SP or utilities account may be turned on. While EMA Licence may not be required for all industrial spaces, let’s find out when it is usually required.

Electrical Installation of Approved Load Exceeding 45 kVA

The Energy Market Authority licence or EMA licence is usually required for electrical installations with loads that exceed 45 kVA (Kilovolt-ampere) for industrial properties such as a warehouse or factory.

How to Check If It Exceeds 45KVA

In order to check if the load exceeds 45KVA, you may want to convert KVA to Amperes (A) using various converters available online if you are familiar with such conversions or you may also check with a licensed electrician to help with the checking and verification to be sure about it. You may also need to know if it is a single phase or three phase power.

How to Go About Applying

For the Electrical Installation Licence, there is usually an annual fee of S$100 for 12 months or S$50 for 3 months.

In order to apply for the Electrical Installation Licence, you will need to appoint an appropriate LEW or licensed electrical worker to be in charge of the electrical installation and submission.

If it is too technical, you may always be in touch with a licensed electrical worker (LEW) who will be able to advise you further on the actual processes or steps to take.