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Commonly Used Pallets and Sizes in Singapore

Commonly Used Pallets and Sizes in Singapore

Pallets can also be known as platforms used for transporting or for storage of goods or products. Goods or products are usually stacked on top of the pallets before shipping, freight, delivery or transportation.

Pallets also allow for easy loading and unloading as they are usually forklift and pallet jack friendly.

Various Types of Pallets

There are various types of pallets available in the market and they can be made of different materials such as wood, plastic or paper.

In Singapore context, the most commonly seen and used type of pallet would probably be wooden pallets which are frequently used by local companies.

Dimensions of Some Commonly Used Pallet Sizes (in millimetres)

Asia 1100mm x 1100mm
Asia, Europe 1200mm x 1000mm
Europe 1200mm x 800mm
North America 1219mm x 1016mm

Pallet Materials

Wooden pallets

Wooden pallets are possibly the most popular type of pallet in Singapore. If you were to go around the industrial spaces such as warehouses or factories you will probably also see that wooden pallets are frequently used here.

Wooden pallets tend to be more affordable and cost friendly. It is also more traditionally and widely used in Singapore.

Wood in itself tend to have pest problems due to the nature of material, hence fumigation may be required.

When using wooden pallets, it is good practice to check and be sure that nails that are protruding do not damage products or goods placed on them.

You should also be sure that the wooden pallets are not exposed to water or liquid which may damage the wooden pallets overtime.

Plastic pallets

In terms of cost, plastic pallets tend to cost more as compared to wooden pallets.

In terms of usage, plastic pallets can be good for storage of food products as well as pharmaceutical products as they tend to have less pests problems due to the nature of material used for plastic pallets.

In terms of weight, plastic pallets tend to be lighter.

When it comes to durability, plastic tends to be able to withstand wet weather and wet environments better as compared to wooden pallets.

Paper pallets

Paper pallets are made of environmentally friendly material.

As compared to wooden pallets, paper pallets are lighter.

One point to note is that paper pallets may disintegrate when in contact with water and is not recommended for outdoor use especially during wet or rainy seasons.

It is therefore important to select the right material according to your business priorities and requirements.