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Carpentry Workshop & Why It May be Rare to Find

Carpentry Workshop & Why It May be Rare to Find

image credit : Wooden Earth Ltd

As we know, carpentry workshops may be quite rare to find in Singapore. While there are some that may be available in Singapore, let us find out what may be some of the reasons why carpentry workshops can be a rare find.


Whenever we deal with woodworking, we know that there will be sawdust due to cutting or sawing of wood pieces. Sawdust may be a source of air pollution and can also be a fire hazard especially in an industrial environment.

Potential Pollution

Sawdust tend to cause air pollution and may affect the overall air quality of the environment especially if the factory or warehouse unit is within a multi-user factory building.

This may sometimes be of health concern to some as sawdust may be inhaled and in the long term it may be an issue.

Fire Hazard

As sawdust are in fact small particles or pieces of wood which can be easily carried around by wind, it may be a fire hazard as wood can catch fire quite easily especially in an industrial environment where there may be engineering or welding works going on.

While these may be some reasons why there may be restrictions for the woodworking industry, there are still some factory units that can allow carpentry works. However, it may not be that easy to find factory units which allow carpentry works due to the nature of works & operations.