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Ancillary Office & What It Is

Ancillary Office & What It Is

You may have heard of the term ancillary office somewhere. Let’s have a further look at what the term ancillary office usually means.

Office Space Within Industrial Premises

Ancillary office usually means a secondary office space while the primary use of the industrial premises is primarily for industrial uses. The ancillary office space is usually located within an industrial space itself and not at a separate building or location.

Need Not Rent Separate Office Elsewhere

Having an ancillary office may be a good idea as your company need not look for a separate office space elsewhere. This may enable your company to streamline its operations and also encourage productivity. By having both your production space as well as office together, communication between colleagues and departments may also be much easier. It may also help to foster better relationships between your company’s employees or staff resulting in better bonding between colleagues.

Save on Rental

At the same time, by having such arrangements, your company may also be able to save on rental as you would not need to rent a separate office space elsewhere. Office spaces typically command higher rental rates due to the distinct corporate image and characteristics they can offer. While an ancillary office within an industrial premises may not offer the same kind of corporate image equivalent to that of office spaces, it may sometimes make sense for some companies especially if rental rate and productivity are your company’s main considerations or priorities.