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Air Con Ledge & Why It May Be Necessary for Your Business

Air Con Ledge & Why It May Be Necessary for Your Business

As we know air con ledge can be commonly found in industrial buildings and you may or may not have any use for the ledge. However, these air con ledge can come in handy especially if you are looking to have an air conditioned area or an office area within your industrial unit.

Ancillary Office May Be Required

For industrial spaces such as warehouses or factories, your company may want to have an ancillary office area within your industrial space for your staff to have a comfortable space to work from. Most companies prefer to have air conditioning units installed especially in a place like Singapore where higher temperatures are not uncommon.

Space for Outdoor Unit or Compressor

For air conditioning systems, there are usually indoor units as well as outdoor units or the compressors. For the outdoor units or the compressors, they are commonly placed at the air con ledge. For certain industrial buildings, there may be condenser rooms within the unit and you may place your outdoor units or your air con compressors in these condenser rooms.

Avoid Extra Cost Incurred

For buildings with air con ledge or condenser rooms, extra cost need not be incurred since you will be placing the air con compressors within your own industrial space and need not rent any part of the common area just to place the air con compressors. For certain office buildings, you may sometimes need to rent part of the common area within the building just to place your air con compressors and it may also be chargeable depending on the building management’s rules or regulations since there is no air con ledge provided.