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URA 60 / 40 Rule & What It Is

60 40 & What It Is

When it comes to industrial properties, whether B1 or B2 industrial properties, you may sometimes hear the term 60 / 40. These numbers usually mean the percentages of industrial and ancillary usage.

Predominant Industrial Use (60%)

As we know, industrial properties are built and developed for industrial users, hence the predominant use of at least 60% should be allocated for core industrial use. As just examples, these activities may be manufacturing, e-business, development of software or core media activities.

Ancillary Use (40%)

As for the ancillary component such as office use or other allowable ancillary components, it will be capped at a maximum of 40%. This means that the ancillary component may be less than 40%.

Change of Use

If your company intends to apply for any change of use permissions for other uses, it can be submitted for review. The application may be submitted online. Some examples of change of use would be change of use to childcare, showroom or non-exclusive religious use. A processing fee will be charged while development charges may sometimes be applicable depending on the type of change of use. However, do take note that change of use will have to be reviewed by the authorities and is not something guaranteed. Other than processing fee, required documents and details will also have to be provided in order for the change of use application to be reviewed.