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Subject to Change of Use & How it Works

You may have noticed the phrase ‘subject to change of use’ when it comes to industrial and commercial properties. You may also have seen this phrase in the letter of intent for industrial or commercial properties before. For example if you intend to change the use from a B1 industrial use to childcare use or to any other permissible use, it will be necessary to apply for change of use to get the necessary clearance and approvals. While it may be possible to change the use from B1 industrial factory to childcare, showroom, for limited and non-exclusive religious use etc, it will require approvals from the relevant authorities. Whenever you have found a suitable factory or warehouse and intend to take up a lease, you may indicate your intentions to the landlord that you would like to rent the premises ‘subject to change of use’ to the desired use which your business requires. The landlord will then advise you if they are open to such kind of change of use arrangements or if they have any objections.

How to Apply for Change of Use

Change of use applications are to be submitted online via the LicenceOne website. You may log in by using either corppass, singpass or by LicenceOne ID for foreigners without singpass. For change of use applications, there will be a processing fee of $500 subject to GST applicable. The application will usually be processed in about 10 working days. There is also a guide available on URA website to guide you on the application process. For certain uses, development charge may also apply. Development charge rates are reviewed every half yearly and the latest rates are available on URA’s website.

What About Renewal Applications

If your change of use status is near expiry, you may also apply for change of use renewal online via the LicenceOne website. For renewal applications, there will be a processing fee of $500 subject to GST applicable.

How to Check the Status of Application

If you have already applied online and would like to check the application status, you may also do so on URA website by entering the reference ID.

Is it Possible to Find Out the Current Approved Use

If you are unsure of the current approved use for a particular unit or premise, you may enquire with URA online to find out on the current approved use for a particular location online. You may key in your particulars together with the property address that you are checking on. The fee applicable for such enquiries will be $50 subject to GST.

Why is Change of Use Application Necessary

As there may be potential amenity problems that may affect the surrounding units caused by the change of use, it is necessary for the Urban Redevelopment Authority to review and decide if the new use is acceptable and compatible.

Together with other authorities such as the National Environment Agency, Singapore Civil Defence Force, Early Childhood Development Agency, Land Transport Authority and Singapore Police Force, the URA will review the change of use application and notify you the result of the application.

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