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Wider Driveways & How They May Benefit Your Business

Wider Driveways & How They May Benefit Your Business

There are various types of industrial spaces in Singapore. For each type of industrial buildings, they are usually built with various differing specifications or design. Some of the industrial buildings may come with wider driveways while others may have driveways which are not as wide.

Easier Loading & Unloading

With wider driveways, it will definitely be easier for vehicles or container trailers to navigate around the building and also easier in terms of loading and unloading as there is more space available to stop your vehicles and do loading or unloading.

Less Congestions

Sometimes when the driveway of an industrial building is too narrow, traffic congestions may not be uncommon. Especially when larger vehicle such as a lorry or trailer stops for loading or unloading, vehicles behind may have to wait for the driveway to be clear before moving off.

Fewer Delayed Deliveries

With wider driveways, it is also less likely that the building will have traffic congestion issues due the generous space available. Especially when the driveway is wide enough for more than one vehicle to pass at the time, it will be unlikely that your deliveries will be delayed. Sometimes delay in deliveries may also affect your business operations as goods may not be produced or delivered on time. If delays are too frequent, they may also affect your company’s reliability or reputation over time.

Lower Transportation Cost

Also, with wider driveways, economies of scale may be achieved as wider driveways may allow you to use larger vehicles such as 20 and 40 footer container trailers or lorries which may be able to carry more products per vehicle. In this way, business operating cost may be lowered and healthier margins may be achieved.

Although developments with wider driveways may not be that common, there are still some that are available in the market.