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Why Industrial Ground Floor Units Are Usually Taken Up Very Quickly

Why Industrial Ground Floor Units Are Usually Taken Up Very Quickly

As we know, there are various types of industrial properties such as warehouses or factories. There are also ground floor and upper floor units but it usually seems like ground floor industrial units are amongst the most popular and are usually taken up first.

Added Convenience

As ground floor units are on the first level, loading and unloading becomes very convenient as vehicles would be able to stop directly in front of the industrial unit. This allows for easy loading and unloading. There is also no need to drive up the ramp to access to the unit. In terms of labour costs, you may also enjoy savings for ground floor industrial units especially if your frequency of loading and unloading is rather high. This can be because ground floor units do not require the use of cargo lifts which are usually of a certain size and have certain lift loading capacity hence there is only so much goods that can be loaded into the cargo lift at any one point of time.

Floor Loading

Most of the time, ground floor units have higher specifications in terms of floor loading as compared to other levels. This may also be an added advantage when compared to upper level units with lower floor loading. For industrial users with heavy machineries, ground floor units may also be more ideal.

Ceiling Height

In terms of ceiling height, ground floor units usually have higher ceiling as compared to upper levels but this would also depend on how the development was built. With higher ceiling, industrial users may be able to install racking systems to maximise the space that they have within the unit. This can be additional storage space which can be useful for businesses.


As we know, ground floor units enjoy greater visibility as they can usually be seen from road level whereas upper level units are not so easily seen from ground level. This can be important for businesses which are looking to build awareness among consumers in order to have a better branding. There is also a greater chance that customers can find you when you are on the ground floor. There are also some industrial showroom units around but are not commonly available.

With all these added convenience, higher specifications and greater visibility, many industrial users see the value and benefits of being on the ground floor and hence do not mind paying a premium in terms rental as they feel that the benefits outweigh the costs.