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Why High Power Industrial Units Are Rare to Find

Why High Power Industrial Units Are Rare to Find

There may be times when you may find that the incoming power supply to your factory unit is too low for your company’s usage due to certain equipment or machines requiring high power to operate.

Each Unit Has Certain Amount of Incoming Power

For each industrial unit, there is usually certain amount of power catered for the individual units.

The building developer would probably have already planned for the total power supply for the building and for each individual unit beforehand.

There is usually limited power supply for the entire building and hence even if you intend to upgrade the power supply, there will be a limit as to how much more power supply can you get to your unit.

Upgrading of Power Supply

While it is not entirely impossible to upgrade the power supply, you may need to seek the landlord’s and building management’s permission to do so.

Also, when it comes to upgrading of power supply, the cost is likely to be hefty due to the running of cables.

Should You Upgrade Your Power Supply

While upgrading can be costly, there are other alternatives which your company may consider. For example, your company can choose to go for multiple units in order to have more incoming power supply.

Three Phase Power May Be Better

There are also differences between single and three phase power supply. Three phase power supply may be better for companies with larger machines and are dealing with frequent production or manufacturing. If you require high power units, it may be a better idea to go for multiple units with high three phase power.

Not Every Company Require High Power Supply

While high power supply may be ideal for some, it is not always the case as normal provisions are usually sufficient for most industrial spaces. The engineers or builders would probably have the knowledge and are aware of the average market requirements of industrial users and hence we often see quite common type of power supply provisions for industrial units. Newer developments tend to have three phase power supply.