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Various Types of Dock Levelers that Exist

Various Types of Dock Levelers that Exist

Dock levelers are usually installed at loading and unloading bays of industrial properties for easy loading and unloading of goods from trucks, lorries and trailers. There are various types of dock levelers available in the market such as mechanical and hydraulic powered dock levelers.

Mechanical Dock Levelers

Mechanical dock levelers are more commonly found in industrial buildings which were built in the earlier days, it can usually be operated by pulling the deck towards the vehicle to level up the surface for easier loading and unloading. Mechanical dock levelers work by operating manually. Mechanical dock levellers sometimes use a spring system or pull chain system depending on the type of system used for the particular dock leveler.

Hydraulic Dock Levelers

Hydraulic dock levelers are built for convenience and are usually automated. Hydraulic dock levelers would usually work by pushing the buttons to operate.

In terms of costs, hydraulic dock levelers tend to cost more than mechanical dock levellers due to the automated system it comes with which provides greater convenience for users, helping users to save time and energy.

What Other Systems You May Find in the Market

There are sometimes also scissors lift systems installed at loading and unloading bays in certain warehouses or factories. By having such a system, the scissors lift helps by moving upwards so that it is leveled with the truck, lorry or container. Once goods are unloaded from the vehicle, the scissors lift can then be lowered to bring down the goods.

There may also be various types of dock levelers that you may find in the market such as air powered dock levelers and it really depends on which type of system was selected and installed for the particular building at that point of time.