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Upgrading of Power Supply for Industrial Properties

Upgrading of Power Supply for Industrial Properties

Sometimes for certain industries or businesses with heavier machineries or equipment, higher power may be required. This may be due to the specifications of the machines or equipment used for yor business. Because of this reason, high power industrial or commercial units may sometimes be required for certain types of trades or businesses.

Although some of the newer industrial buildings tend to come with higher incoming power supply, i.e 100 Amperes (A) to 1,000 Amperes (A), the power supply tends to be proportionate to the size of the units.

Logically, larger units tend to come with higher power supply while smaller units tend to come with lower power supply. Most of the time, when we talk about newer industrial buildings, the power supply usually comes in three phase. Usually, power comes in either single phase or three phase depending on how it was designed and constructed.

Upgrading of Power Supply

While it may be possible to upgrade the power supply, you may need to seek the advice and permission of the landlord before deciding to upgrade to a higher power. This is because a fixed amount of power has usually been allocated for each unit and upgrading may affect the power supply allocations of the building.

Upgrading may sound like a simple task to achieve. However, in reality, there are many factors to consider when upgrading the power supply. The costs of upgrading also usually does not come cheap and are likely to be in the thousands when you receive the quotation to upgrade.


Upgrading the power is just the first step but not the end. At the end of the lease, when your company has outgrown the factory or warehouse space or have decided to move elsewhere, you may need to reinstate the fitted industrial unit to its original condition depending on the requirements of the landlord.

Should you Upgrade Your Power Supply

Whether you should upgrade the power really depends whether it makes business sense after doing your sums. If the location and unit is ideal and if the company has plans for the long term, it may still be beneficial to upgrade. However, if your company’s direction and preference to keep your initial cash outlay at an affordable level, you may decide otherwise.

Are there High Power Units Available

There are still some industrial spaces with high power around Singapore, however, it would still depend on how much power your business requires. You may be able to find such spaces in Tuas. Also, most of the time, if you were to compare B1 & B2 industrial properties, B2 industrial properties tend to come with higher specifications such as power supply and floor loading. Most businesses usually fall into the category that do not require power upgrading and therefore it may not be that common to find an industrial unit with extremely high power. However, there will still be some businesses that require high power due to the machineries or equipment used.