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Loading & Unloading Bays & How They Can Vary

Loading & Unloading Bays & How They Can Vary

When it comes to industrial properties, there are usually loading and unloading areas which are sometimes also known as loading and unloading bays. There are various types of bays that you may be able to find for industrial spaces in Singapore.

Here are some variations and examples that you may find for loading and unloading bays in Singapore:

Unsheltered Bays

For certain industrial buildings, the loading bays may not be sheltered due to the design of the building. However, this may not be an issue as it tends to be brighter due to the presence of natural light from the sun. Also, unsheltered loading bays may not have ceiling height restrictions or limitations as there is no shelter or ceiling above which may be a good thing for larger vehicles or container trailers.

Sheltered Bays

In some cases, there are sheltered loading and unloading bays where goods or products are not exposed to the weather during the loading and unloading process. In Singapore, it is also not uncommon to experience sun or rain and certain types of products or equipment may be damaged when exposed to rain or extreme temperatures. These sensitive products may be loaded or unloaded at sheltered bays which can help prevent products or equipment from being damaged.

Raised Bays / Platforms

There are some warehouses with raised bays and some without. Whether having raised bays is helpful or useful would usually depend on the nature of your business or products and how you usually carry out the loading and unloading process.

No Raised Bays / Platforms

Some loading bays come without raised bays / platforms and are on the same level as ground level. Not having such bays or platforms may not be an issue as forklifts or stackers can also help with loading and unloading of goods effectively and efficiently.

Dock Levellers

Some loading bays come with dock levellers but not for all industrial spaces. Whether dock levellers are present depends on the design of the building.

No Dock Levellers

There are some warehouses or factories without dock levellers. Again, this would depend on the design of the building but is usually not an issue for users.

Why Do These Matter

Various types of businesses operate in various ways and would have differences in terms of requirements and specifications. Knowing what matters the most or what your business priorities are will determine whether these provisions or specifications are necessary for your company or business. For example, some products are better off being exposed to the natural weather such as sunlight whereas some products are more sensitive and would require extra care. Some businesses or companies also require dedicated loading bays due to higher frequency of loading and unloading.