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Dual Entrance Units and How It Can Help for Car or Automobile Trades

Dual Entrance Units and How It Can Help for Car or Automobile Trades

As we know there are many car or automobile workshops and showrooms in Ubi, Kaki Bukit, Sin Ming and other areas in Singapore.

While most smaller industrial spaces come with only a single entrance or a single roller shutter, it can be an additional plus point to have more than one entrance or roller shutter. This is especially true for car and automobile trades due to the nature of business and its operations.

Easy Access & Exit

With dual entrances just like car wash stations at petrol kiosk, entering and exiting the premises will be a breeze. There is also no need to do a U-turn before you are able to exit the premises. This saves time and allows more cars to be washed in a case of a car wash business. This can also be true for car grooming or servicing trades. In terms of business point of view, making the most of the time you have can also be very important as it can mean improved profitability for the business.

Space Efficiency

Usually for car workshops or car grooming workshops, if there is only one entrance, the only way out would be to either do a U-turn or reverse out of the unit. If you happen to be operating from a dual entrance unit, the amount of space required for your operations would also most likely not be that much and you would likely not require space to do a U-turn and can easily enter from one entrance and exit from the other.

Costs Savings

In terms of rental costs, there would also likely be savings if you happen to be in a dual entrance unit. This is likely to be true as you will likely require a smaller industrial space as compared to a single entrance unit where enough space is required for cars to do a U-turn whereas for dual entrance units, cars can enter from one roller shutter and exit from the other resulting in cost or rental savings for your business.

Availability of Such Units

While it may be a good idea to operate out of a dual entrance unit if you are running a car or automobile related business, smaller dual entrance units are quickly taken and does not become available all the time. Most smaller factory or warehouse units usually come with only a single roller shutter entrance as most industrial trades require only one entrance for its usual day-to-day operations.