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Why Having Proper Handover Records May Be Helpful for Any Lease

Why Having Proper Handover Records May Be Helpful for Any Lease

As we know, whenever we lease or rent a property such as a warehouse or factory, it tends to be for a period of time such as a couple of years. Maybe it could be two or three years kind of lease term. In these few years, we know that the situation or person in charge could change and this is not uncommon.

Staff May Change

Usually for corporate landlords or companies, there may be a staff in charge of leasing of the company’s properties. As the years go by, we know that things may change and the staff may no longer be with the same company. When this happens and if the staff decides to move on without any records of the fixtures or fittings in the unit during handover, it would likely be more challenging for the next staff to takeover the premises and verify the reinstatement condition if the tenant decides not to renew the lease.

People May Forget

Some people may have better memory than others and if somebody forgets how the condition of unit was handed over previously, it will probably be tough to trace back except to try and recall what had happen in the past. No matter how hard we try, there may still be a chance of not remembering since we have many things going on in all our lives on a daily basis.

Words Against Words May Not Find an Outcome

Even if either party, either the landlord or tenant remembers how the handover condition was like, it will likely be just words against words as there was no written or physical records. When this happens, there may be no outcome and either party may have to give in in order to move on.

Therefore, it is usually recommended to have some form of handover records as these will likely help as references.