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Open Plan Office & How It Can Help Your Company Save Cost

Open Plan Office & How It Can Help Your Company Save Cost

As we know, there are various ways which companies may choose to design and renovate or fit out their office or industrial space with ancillary office area.

While your company may choose to have various partitions and false ceilings, there is also one concept which your company may want to consider if costs saving is one of your priorities.

Open Plan Office

For open plan or open concept offices or ancillary offices, the idea is that most of the areas are open and not enclosed. This would mean that the number of partitions are minimised. Although, you may still want to have a separate area with partitions for meeting, conferences or for interviews, the other areas other than manager’s or director’s room will be open concept. This would mean that colleagues will be able to have face to face interactions more easily.

Space Saving Concept

Open plan or open concept offices can not only help in terms of cost savings but also help in terms of space saving and space optimisation. When compared with an office with a number of partitions, open plan offices tend to save space, allowing companies to have more staff working within the same unit.

No False Ceilings

In some buildings or developments, where false ceilings have not already been done up, you may choose to have false ceilings or do without them.

Another way to save cost will be to have an open ceiling with no false ceilings. For false ceilings within office spaces, sprinklers may be required to be brought down for fire safety reasons and doing so will also require financial resources.

By opting for a no false ceilings concept with hanging lights and cassette air conditioning units, cost can be kept to a lower level and monies can be better spent on other areas such as business expansions or new ventures.

Furthermore, your office space would likely also feel like as though it is larger as it has a higher ceiling than if false ceilings were to be installed.

Other Benefits

While cost savings and financial planning can be important, there may also be other benefits of having an open plan office.

By having an open concept office set up, some firms or companies have found that it improves and encourages collaborations, communications, social interactions and sharing of ideas. Open plan offices are also popular among tech firms where constant innovation and improvements are essential to the company’s core business.

Furthermore in Singapore, where space efficiency and optimisation are usually so important, open concept offices may be the way to go if it suits your nature of business and the way your business operates.