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How to Save on Office Printing Cost for Your Company

How to Save on Office Printing Cost for Your Company

While there are many ways to save costs for your company, here is one tip which may help your company in terms of cost savings. Printing is almost a daily affair in most offices here in Singapore. Although the per page printing cost may not be substantial, adding up the numbers may allow you to realise that the amount may not be that negligible after all.

Choose A Printer With Affordable Supplies

While it may be tempting for us to go for the cheapest set of printer at first, you may want to take a step back and re-consider your options.

There are many types of printers available for sale and sometimes even for rent in the market for larger printers. When it comes to printer purchases, it may be good to also consider the cost of the supplies which your company may need to purchase in the near future in order for continued use.

Toner, Cartridge or Drum

For example, you may want to check out on the cost of the toner if it is a laser printer or the cost of the ink cartridge if it is an inkjet printer. Printer drums may also need to be changed occasionally to ensure that the print quality is maintained over time, hence, you may also want to take note on the cost of the printer drum which may need replacement in future.

Sometimes It May Make Sense to Purchase A New Printer

When it comes to printers, it may sometimes make sense to replace the printer rather than replace the printer supplies such as toner and drum as the cost of these supplies can be quite high, making it more worth to purchase a brand new set. This is probably more true for smaller printers which are sometimes used by SMEs. Hence, you may want to do your sums to see if it makes sense to replace the printer or to get new printer supplies.

Choose One That Cost You Less For Every Page Printed

A great way to help you decide on which printer to go for would be to calculate the cost of printing one page. For example, if the replacement ink cost around ten dollars per colour bottle which can print up to around 6,000 pages, the per page amount can be quite attractive as compared to another printer which may cost you much more.

Go for Duplex Print

Another way to save cost would be to go for a printer which enables you to print duplex or double sided. As offices tend to use paper quite frequently, it may help if your printer allows you to print on both sides (duplex). This can also help your company to save on paper cost in the long run.

Instead of scratching your heads to think of how else you can save cost for your company, this can be one of the more simpler way which may be able to help in terms of cost savings. You may also consider applying for grants for local companies which may help to defray some cost if your company is eligible.