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Annual Value of Property & What It Is

Annual Value of Property & What It Is

The Annual Value or AV of a property is an estimation of the gross annual rental if the property is leased out. The Annual Value amount does not include maintenance fees, furnishings as well as furniture. The Annual Value is used for the calculation of property tax.

Check Annual Value

In order to check the Annual Value of your property, you may log in to IRAS mytax portal under my property portfolio. You may select the property that you would like to check on and click on view details. After which, you may scroll down to check on the annual value of the property.

Objecting to Annual Value

You may object to your property’s Annual Value or the effective date of the Annual Value. If you wish to do so, you may login to IRAS mytax portal, select property followed by object to Annual Value. However, do note that you should not object to property tax rates as these are fixed rates.