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7 Ways to Save Costs When Operating from Industrial Spaces

7 Ways to Save Costs When Operating from Industrial Spaces

When it comes to operating costs, the most ideal situation would be to keep it as lean as possible. While it may be easier said than done, these are some ways or examples which can probably help your company or business to lower cost when operating from an industrial warehouse or factory in Singapore.

LED Lights

There are many types of lighting available in the market. By opting for the LED or Light Emitting Diode option for your lighting, your business or company will be able to enjoy costs savings due to the lower power consumption and longer life span of LED lights.

Sign Longer Term Leases

While it may be tempting to go for shorter term leases due to the flexibility it offers, longer term leases tend to be more favorable to most landlords. This may be true as landlords prefer to have a long term tenant renting an industrial space due to lesser administrative procedures as well as lesser opportunity costs. For each renewals, there are usually procedures to be done such as a renewal contract, signing the agreement etc. For short term leases, the landlords may also need to invest more resources in order to source for new tenants when the lease expires.

Open Concept

While it may be tempting to have false ceilings within your industrial space, there are actually other options such as an open concept where your company would be able to save costs. This is true as shifting of sprinklers can be tedious and may costs quite a bit. While having false ceilings may help to enhance the appearance of your industrial space, it is best to weigh the pros and cons of having such a set up and whether it is worth the investment. If corporate image is a priority, it may be worth investing in such a set up. However if your priority is to keep initial costs lean, you may choose to opt for an open concept and keep it simple.

Consider Tuas

If you have not heard or considered Tuas before, maybe you should give it some consideration. Many tenants and owners in Tuas have benefited from the lower rental or purchase costs of their warehouse or factory and are happy to operate within Tuas. Their business partners may sometimes also be operating in the west of Singapore which makes it easier to do business.

Automate Your Business

Some businesses are already doing well, however, there are always ways to keep improving. While change can be a hassle or can be disruptive, keeping up with technology and innovation is probably the best way to go in this day and age. A good example would be that in previous years, we used to only advertise in business directories. However, if we continue to do just that, we may soon find ourselves getting nowhere. It is therefore important that we continue to embrace change and ride the technology wave. There is a saying that ‘change is the only constant’ which is why it is important to keep up with times and technology. There are also some grants for local companies which can perhaps help some companies to defray some costs while investing in new solutions which can help to improve productivity.

Online Payment Platforms

While many are still skeptical with such online payment platforms, some businesses have already started implementing such platforms online and have reaped the benefits of doing so. With online payment platforms, not only can customers pay online, your company can also schedule the delivery almost immediately when customers order your products from your website. By having such a set up, your website also becomes another salesperson for your company.

Switch to Alternative Power Supply Where Possible

Most of us would be most familiar with SP services, however with the Open Electricity Market, it may just be the right time to do a switch to a new electricity retailer especially if you are already eligible and allowed to do so. This can help your company with cost savings especially if your business consumes a lot of energy to generate profit.