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Renting Forklifts & Why It May Be a Good Idea for Newer Companies

Renting Forklifts & Why It May Be a Good Idea for Newer Companies

For most newer companies, renting or buying a forklift or stacker may be part of the company’s plans. Without forklifts or stackers, loading and unloading of goods from goods vehicles such as lorries or containers may be done by sometimes using pallet jacks as an alternative solution.

Lower Initial Cost

If your company’s priority is to lower initial operational cost, renting or leasing a forklift or stacker instead of buying one may be a better idea or option. Used or new forklifts or stackers are usually sold in the range of four to five figures depending on the type, age and condition of the vehicle.

Save on Maintenance & Repair Cost

If your company is renting the forklift or stacker, maintenance costs may be covered by the rental company and hence companies renting forklifts or stackers may be able to save on maintenance costs.

Besides maintenance costs, costs of repair may also be saved if you choose to rent instead of purchasing.

Replacement Forklift or On-site Repairs May be Arranged

In case the rented forklift or stacker is defective or if the forklift requires repair or maintenance, replacement forklifts or stackers or on-site repairs may be offered by the company which is renting out the forklift or stacker.

Free Up Business Capital

By opting to rent instead of purchasing, precious business capital can be freed up and the freed up amount of business capital can also be put to better use by investing in various other areas of the business which may help the company generate healthier and better profits over time.

For rental of forklifts or stackers, some companies may even be able rent them to your company for days, weeks or months depending on your companies operational requirements and budgeting. For some companies, forklift drivers may also be arranged if required.

Some companies may also offer trade-in schemes for your used forklift or stacker if you choose to switch to a rental scheme instead of owning your existing forklift or stacker.

Perhaps, what you may also need to inform the rental company is the load of the goods that your company will be lifting using the vehicle and the lifting height required.