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Racking Systems for Industrial Properties

Racking Systems for Industrial Properties

Racking systems allows easy storage within warehouses or factories. Racking systems also helps to maximise the floor area available within industrial spaces especially if your warehouse or factory comes with a high ceiling. When the right racking system is selected and installed, it decreases the time and effort needed to locate and access the goods, thus helping to increase productivity of the company.

Various Types of Racking Systems

There are various types of racking systems available in the market such as selective racking system, double deep racking system, very narrow aisle racking system (VNA), double deep racking system and many others.

Which Types are More Suitable

With a wide selection of available racking systems in the market, consumers are definitely spoilt for choice.

However, different systems are suited for various uses. For example, for certain types of racking systems, you may be able to use forklift trucks to load and unload from the racks. However, for certain systems, a special type of forklift may be required. Some racking systems allow easy stock rotation while others may not. Certain types of systems also allows easy adjustment of beams for greater flexibility in terms of storage especially if your company stores various products in one warehouse.

These are just some examples of the pros and cons of the various types of systems. In terms of which racking system is the most ideal, it would still depend on factors such as the required accessibility to the items, maximum load and width required for items to be stored on the racking, whether items are extra long in terms of length and cannot be palletised, whether the system required is for indoor or outdoor use, type of material handling equipment used (I.e forklifts, stackers or overhead cranes), number of pallets deep.

Hence, the most ideal type of racking system which can help to maximise space efficiency and at the same time save time for loading and unloading would still depend on what are your company’s business and operational requirements.