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Pallet Jacks and How They Can Help with Your Business Operations

Pallet Jacks and How They Can Help with Your Business Operations

Pallet jacks can sometimes also be known as pallet trucks. Pallet jacks are also one of the most basic material handling equipment that you may find in industrial spaces such as warehouses or factories. It is probably also one of the more cost effective material handling equipment which helps businesses to move pallets around easily and efficiently.

Types of Pallet Jacks

Pallet jacks come in various capacities ranging from around 1,500kg to 5,000kg with various fork sizes to suit your business operations.

There are also various types of pallet jacks available in the market such as manual hydraulic, semi electric, fully electric, pallet jacks with weighing scale, galvanised (stainless steel) pallet jacks, 4 way pallet jacks etc.

In terms of fork sizes and dimensions, there are also pallet jacks with longer fork, shorter fork, extra wide fork, low profile fork etc. The suitable fork size and type will also depend on the pallet size that your company deals with.

Why Use Pallet Jacks

Easier Loading and Unloading

With the availability of pallet jacks, manual and heavy load lifting is no longer necessary. By having pallet jacks, even a single warehouse staff will be able to handle loading and unloading or moving of palletised goods around the industrial space easily.

Pallet jacks are also much safer as compared to manual shifting of goods which may sometimes result in injuries or fatigue over time.

Depending on your load requirements, you may choose to go for a pallet jack which is more suitable for your company’ operations. Pallet jacks are powered by hand and use a pump handle which raises the jack upwards. If you have much heavier or larger loads, you may also choose to go for electric pallet jacks. Electric pallet jacks, however, tend to cost more than manual hydraulic pallet jacks.

High Durability

Pallet jacks are usually durable and can last for long periods of time. They are made from heavy duty materials that are built to last for years. This means that your investment in these material handling equipment will be worth it as they can be used for the long term.

There are also galvanised (stainless steel) pallet jacks which are suitable and built to last in more corrosive environments.

Affordable Option

Pallet jacks are lower cost equipment compared to forklifts or stackers. Especially if you are looking to start up your company or looking to keep initial cost low, pallet jack is a more affordable option that can help enhance your company’s efficiency without costing you a bomb.