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Forklift Training & Certification, Is it Necessary?

Forklift Training & Certification, Is it Necessary?

Before purchasing or leasing a forklift to be used for enhanced productivity in a warehouse or factory space, you may be wondering if forklift training and certification is required in order to operate a forklift in Singapore.

Mandatory Forklift Training

You may note that before operating a forklift, it is mandatory that a forklift operator or driver is properly trained and certified before using or operating the forklift.

Forklift Refresher Training

Forklift operators should also attend refresher trainings on a regular basis. You may note that the current requirement for refresher training is once every three years for forklifts below as well as above five tonnes or 5,000 kg.

Various Types of Courses Offered

There are also various types of forklift courses offered by various training providers such as courses for those with and without a valid LTA class 3 license. Depending on whether the applicant has an existing LTA class 3 license or not, he or she may then decide to enrol for the relevant forklift course offered by the various training course providers.

Safety First

Forklifts certainly help to boost productivity in industrial spaces such as warehouses and factories and can handle more goods as compared to manual pallet jacks. However, you may note that when forklifts are used wrongly or carelessly, it may result in damage to buildings or common areas of the buildings. Accidents or injuries may also happen in unfortunate cases. Therefore, it is important that anyone who is looking to operate a forklift undergoes proper training and is certified before operating forklifts so as to keep ourselves as well as those around us safe even as we go about with our daily work.