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Childcare Centres & Why We Sometimes See Them Around Industrial Developments

Childcare Centres & Why We Sometimes See Them Around Industrial Developments

We sometimes see childcare centres located around industrial developments which are usually suitable for industrial trades. Let us find out why childcare centres are sometimes seen in industrial developments.

Childcare Centres

According to the Urban Redevelopment Authority of Singapore or the URA, childcare centres are important as they help parents by providing childcare support while they are busy at work. In order to cater to parents who are working in industrial areas, childcare centres are sometimes allowed in industrial developments.

Approval by Relevant Authorities

Childcare centres may be allowed in industrial developments but will be subject to change of use and other approvals by the relevant authorities such as the Urban Redevelopment Authority, Early Childhood Development Agency & National Environment Agency.

Renting an Industrial Premise for Childcare

If you are renting an industrial premise to operate a childcare, you may first obtain the landlord’s consent and approval before applying for change of use permission.

Selecting a Suitable Premise

When looking for a suitable premise, you may need to find out if there are any other childcare centres nearby and in the vicinity. You may also choose to conduct a neighbourhood survey to find out more on the needs of parents living in the vicinity. If you require sourcing assistance for a suitable childcare space, you can contact us and we will be happy to assist.

Benefits of Operating in Industrial Premises

Certain B1 industrial developments or business parks are located close to residential areas and can be convenient for parents and children living nearby. Besides convenience, industrial rental rates are usually more attractive when compared to other types of spaces.

Applying for Change of Use

Change of use to childcare applications can be submitted online. For all change of use applications, there will be a processing fee applicable in order to change the usage to childcare use.

Checking the Application Status

The application may take some time to be processed. If you have already done the application online and would like to find out on the application status, you may do a quick check on URA’s website by keying in the identification number for your submission.